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Billing and Payments

Puzl operates on a per-second billing model, offering a highly granular and fair approach to charging for resource usage. This model ensures that users only pay for what they use, down to the second, providing a transparent and efficient billing system.

To facilitate this billing method, users are required to make advance payments by topping up their balance. Pre-paid model allows you to start using the service right after the registration without any additional account checks.

Puzl provides versatile options for account top-ups, accommodating the diverse needs of its global user base.

  • For the credit card methods, the minimum top-up amount is 10 EUR or USD.

  • For the bank payment methods (SEPA or SWIFT), there is a minimum top-up amount of 100 EUR or USD.


If you want to rent a GPU long-term (for 1 month or longer), please, write to our support team, specifying the desired amount of resources and we will prepare an individual pricing offer for you.

Your invoice is generated for the usage of the previous month on every 1st day of the month at 0:00 UTC. Puzl ensures simplicity and transparency in its billing process by employing a straightforward method for invoice calculation. All monthly invoices in Puzl are rounded up to the nearest cent.

Puzl implements a tiered approach to handling scenarios where the credit limit is exceeded.

  • If available credit of your account drops to 0, all pods associated with the account are terminated, though volumes remain active with all the data.

  • In more severe cases, such as when the available credit falls below -20 EUR or USD, there is a risk of forced termination of volumes along with the potential loss of data contained within them.


Even though Puzl is sending automated notifications regarding your credit status, please be mindful of your available credit in Puzl, as exceeding your credit limit may lead to the termination of your resources.