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Pipeline Job Resources

Pipeline job resources in Puzl are primarily designed as burstable to efficiently cater to varying compute requirements of diverse stages within your pipelines. This burstable nature ensures that while a pipeline job might occasionally spike in its demand for resources, it won't be constrained by rigid limits, allowing for more flexible and adaptive execution.

In Puzl's context, "burstability" means that the physical compute resources allocated to a pipeline job can scale up, depending on the actual workload, without any manual intervention. The underlying infrastructure adjusts in real-time, ensuring optimal performance while maintaining cost-efficiency. Unlike other platforms where a baseline is set, Puzl's burstable resources start from a baseline of zero, ensuring you are only billed for what your pipeline job actually consumed during its runtime.

There are several types of runtime resources available on Puzl. In the following articles we dive deeper into each resource allocation and billing specifics.

On a certain Resource Packages, Puzl provides you with the S3 based persistent data storage, which is being used for the pre-defined GitLab cache and can also be used as a normal persistent storage for any data required in pipeline jobs. The following article describes the features of this resource: