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Ephemeral File System

Each pipeline job is provisioned with a file system optimized for high I/O operations per second (IOPS). This file system is ephemeral and node-local, meaning any data stored on this file system will be erased once the pipeline job has finished.

The size of the available file system is determined by each Resource Package, and it is used for:

  • Storing Docker images utilized by the pipeline job.
  • Exchanging data between the build container and services (see spec.pipelines.sharedMountPoints of the GitLabRunnerClaim resource).
  • Housing packages and libraries installed during the build process.
  • Accumulating temporary data, logs, or cache generated during the job's execution.
  • Any intermediary artifacts or files created during various stages of the pipeline.

The allocation and usage of the ephemeral file system, irrespective of its size, are comprehensively covered in the Resource Package, ensuring no additional costs are incurred in any scenario.